This is Me..

About me..

A Senior High School’s student from Tabanan. A child who love her family,her parent, her grandparent,all part of her family,my mom, my dad, all of my best friends. I love you so much. You’re so awesome for my life, for me.

Now busy with all her school assignment. She just hope you see & read her blog, leave a comment, and maybe leave some thumbs in her blog (read: like). Stay in single, but not yet to think to be double. Wants to be her friends?! Follow me!

Have a good novel or something about read and book? Tell me, share it with me. I love to disscus about that 🙂

You can see her also at her twitter account :

Everything can change everytime, everything is possible. Because life is so unpredictable. Impossible is when you won’t to try hard. So, never ever say that you give up!

i never know what tomorrow will be, the only that i can do is do the best and be happy for today.


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